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When I was searching for cajon lessons online, stood out above all the rest. I am a complete beginner and I love how PlayCajon breaks each step down in fun digestible segments. When I first came across the free lessons on YouTube PlayCajon hadn’t yet opened the full website, so I patiently waited, and I am very glad I did. I have recommended several other people to PlayCajon and I will continue to do so. The lessons are so professional, fun and affordable.

Mary Kaye Ferreter
PlayCajon Member

Excellent site and videos! I’ve watched a ton of them already and have been practicing all day. Thank you so much for the way you’ve done these and the way you’ve broken them up into beginner, basics, techniques, and grooves. Just what I was looking for really so thanks!

Dave Marcotte
PlayCajon Member

An online business with integrity! I bought a membership then received an email from Paul the next day upgrading my membership for a longer period of time because he had just changed prices after I had bought. I’m very impressed, not many sites would do that. I just ordered a cajon from him too and can’t wait to get it!! I ordered, paid, and within hours it was shipped! Again, impressed. Thanks Paul!”

PlayCajon Member

All I could find were various DVD’s and didn’t buy them as I wasn’t sure if they would be suitable until after I had paid for them. Then along came PlayCajon where there was the opportunity to view some of the free lessons before actually signing up was available. Having now signed up I would recommend PlayCajon to everyone. The lessons are comprehensive, sensibly structured and delivered in a very clear and precise way.

Martin Pickett
PlayCajon Member

Love this site. The lessons are very clear and Paul is an easy teacher to understand. I feel like I have learned so much already. Would absolutely recommend it to a friend.

Don Stevens
PlayCajon Member


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