int-stripWelcome to the PlayCajon Intermediate Course! In this step-by-step cajon course you will move on from the basics and take your playing to the intermediate level.

This course consists of 15 lesson videos that cover many intermediate level techniques and rhythms including: how to change the pitch of your cajon with the foot slide, playing rhythms with sixteenth beat ghost notes, playing fills, using the sides of your cajon, and new rhythms including funk, blues, reggae, hip hop, rumba 2 & 3, and train beat.

If you have a solid grasp of the basics and are ready to move up to an intermediate level, you are in the right place. Hit “Start Intermediate Course” to start at the beginning or choose from the list of lessons to skip to a lesson.

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Course Lesson Videos

  1. Course Intro
  2. Rumba 2
  3. Funk 1
  4. Changing Pitch (Foot Slide Technique)
  5. Pitch Change Exercises
  6. Sixteenth Beat Rock
  7. Sixteenth Beat Rock with Pitch Change
  8. Three Fills in 4/4
  9. Rumba 3
  10. Hip Hop 1
  11. Playing the Sides of Your Cajon
  12. Reggae 1
  13. Paradiddle on Cajon
  14. Blues Shuffle
  15. Train Beat

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