begin-stripWelcome to the PlayCajon Beginner Course! In this step-by-step cajon course you will learn the fundamentals of the cajon.

The course consists of 15 lesson videos that cover all of the basics including: how to sit correctly, the tones, warm ups, basic exercises, first rhythms, rock, and rumba.

If you are a complete beginner of the cajon, you are in the right place. Hit “Start Beginner Course” to start at the beginning or choose from the list of lessons to skip to a lesson.

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Course Lesson Videos

  1. Course Intro
  2. Posture & Hand Stretches
  3. Bass & Slap Tones
  4. Bass & Slap Tone Exercises
  5. High Slap Tone
  6. Basic 4/4 Rhythm
  7. Mid Tone
  8. Tone Exercises
  9. Doubles Exercise
  10. 1 to 8 Warmup Exercise
  11. Rock 1
  12. The Flam
  13. Rock 2
  14. Ghost Notes
  15. Rumba 1

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