adv-stripWelcome to the PlayCajon Advanced Course! In this step-by-step cajon course you will move on from the intermediate level up to the advanced.

The course consists of 15 lesson videos that cover all many of the key advanced techniques including: bass roll technique, using cymbals and shakers with cajon, using brushes on cajon, thumb triplets, advanced fills, la mano secreta, and rhythms including guaguanco, Purdie shuffle, funk 2, and Flamenco bulerias.

If you are playing at an intermediate level and are ready to take your playing to the advanced level, you are in the right place. Hit “Start Advanced Course” to start at the beginning or choose from the list of lessons to skip to a lesson.

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Course Lesson Videos

  1. Course Intro
  2. Bass Roll Technique
  3. Palm & Finger Rolling Techniques
  4. Guaguanco
  5. Purdie Shuffle
  6. Using Brushes on Cajon
  7. 3/4 Rhythm with Brushes
  8. Funk 2
  9. Polyrhythmic Fill
  10. Thumb Triplets
  11. Thumb Triplet Rock
  12. Using Shakers with Cajon
  13. Using Cymbals with Cajon
  14. La Mano Secreta
  15. Flamenco Bulerias

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