Paul Jennings

Protect your paws

Dear friends,

Around a month or so ago I attempted to catch a falling pint glass. This was a bad idea. I ended up cutting into where my pinky joins my hand so badly that I needed 7 stitches. The injury put me out of the game for about 4 weeks. I was unable to play any type of drum or drum set and I had to pull out of a number of gigs.

Being rendered useless as a percussionist was rather shit to say the least and it made me realize I was lucky to be able to do what I do. The injury actually gave me more conviction and drive to bounce back, get better, and make a bunch more videos for you guys.

I got the stitches out and got right back on it. After getting back on the cajon, congas, and drum set for few days, Last night, I did it again. This time with a chefs knife while attempting to open a block of Tillamook extra sharp cheddar. I lacerated the end of my left middle and ring finger. Had I given it a little more force I could have had the thing clean off.

So now I am out of the game again. This time I am hoping for only 2 weeks or so as this one did not require any stitches.

If anything, these experiences are teaching me I need to be more careful in my daily actions, but more importantly to appreciate that I am healthy and do have the use of my hands to create music.

Honestly, I am not that bad off and this just means I cannot not play any drums for a couple more weeks. I guess I am writing this note to say: be carful and out there, protect your paws, and be thankful.

Love and light – Paul.