10 Questions: Munyungo Jackson

Munyungo Jackson is the longtime percussionist for Stevie Wonder and over the years has performed with a host of iconic figures from the jazz, funk, and popular music world. Munyungo’s expertise on a wide range of percussion instruments has ensured that he has remained very much an in-demand percussionist on the LA scene.

10 questions with one of the original jazz-funk percussion masters

Where are you from? Los Angeles, CA

Who are you currently working with?  
Right now I’m between Stevie Wonder, Miles Electric Band, an artist from Iran called Naseer Shamma, Lao Tizar, Karen Briggs, the Sonny Moon Nutty Band, Munyungo’s Jungle Jazz, and a few others.

What cajon & other percussion do you use?
LP Kevin Ricard Cajon, REMO Dorado Cajon. And of course LP Classic Wood Congas, LP Bongos, LP Tito, Puente Timbales, all with REMO Heads, and a wide assortment of Brazilian, African, Latin, and world hand percussion!!

Do you endorse any percussion companies?
Latin Percussion, REMO, Paiste Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks.

Do you have a favorite rhythm right now?
So many favorite rhythms and it depends on the music. Swing, Funk, R&B, Peruvian, Brazilian, Fusion, and on and on. I also like different time signatures, like in 7, 5, 9!

What type of food are you into at the moment? Holistic good tasting food.

What is a memorable show you have played?
There are so many Great shows I’ve done with the artist I’m working with right now.

Do you have any fun hobbies or other passion?
Other than my hobbies of creating new music, I love restoring old classic Volvo 1800’s and selling them to happy satisfied fun driving people.

Do you have any personal projects are you working on?
Yes. I’m working on my acoustic record called MORNING SUN to be released this year!

Words to live by?