EP 19: Nasrine Rahmani

Australian born percussionist Nasrine Rahmani has been following her path as a percussionist ever since she laid eyes on a set of congas at the Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland, Australia. As a teenager Nasrine immersed herself as much as possible in percussion, learning many different styles and instruments.

Now she makes her home in Madrid, Spain where she has firmly planted herself in the vibrant flamenco music scene there. Nasrine is regularly found playing cajon and congas at her husbands jam session, the Diego Guerrero Flamenco Jam which has now become a hugely popular event in the city.

Nasrine also works with La Rosa Percussion and is one of their artists.

In this episode

We hear from Nasrine about her journey as a percussionist and traveler which ultimately led her to Madrid and playing flamenco music. We also learn a little about what it’s like playing flamenco music and how different the feel and pulse can be from playing in a western ensemble.

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Photo by Ignacio García Castelló