Meinl jumbo bass cajon1

Meinl Jumbo Bass Cajon

If you are looking for a cajon that will give you super low bass, this could well be it. The Jumbo Bass Cajon from Meinl Percussion sure does pack some punch.

The cajon features a lovely walnut front plate and an “eco friendly” fiber material for the body. Looks to be the same materials as is used in the Meinl Slap Top Cajon. The front plate is on the thick side so you need to give it a bit more force when playing.

The size of this cajon is bigger than most conventional cajon which contributes to its very low bass but the main feature is the sub-bass port located on the lower front of the cajon. This feature really does project the bass end and also gives it a unique look.

All in all I like it. I think it is a great addition to ones percussion collection or simply as a stand alone cajon if you are looking for the sub bass. A great idea for a modern take on the cajon.


Wood: Walnut front / fiber body

Dimensions: 13 1/2″ W x 19 3/4″ H x 13 3/4″ D

Weight: 13 pounds

Made in: Thailand