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Season 2 Announcement

I am delighted to announce that season 2 of the PlayCajon Podcast will be starting up this week with EP21..

EP 19: Nasrine Rahmani

Australian born percussionist Nasrine Rahmani has been following her path as a percussionist ever since she laid eyes on a..

EP 9: Kassandra Kocoshis

Kassandra Kocoshis is a world percussionist based in Los Angeles, CA. She started playing percussion in band class at the..

EP 4: Munyungo Jackson

Stevie Wonder percussionist Munyungo Jackson is somewhat of a legend in the percussion world and over the years he has..

EP 1: Heidi Joubert

Heidi Joubert is taking the cajon world by storm with her incredible playing and teaching approach. In this episode we hear her..