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Free lesson 1: How to sit on the cajon

Maintaining a good posture on the cajon is vital. One could easily sustain an injury if correct posture is not maintained. This lesson will help you achieve a good posture on the cajon without being rigid or stiff. Experiment with your posture to find a comfortable sitting position so that you have good access to the cajon and can play with ease without straining your back. Take note of what not to do.

Free Lesson 2: Bass Tone

This is the bass tone. It is the first tone we need to learn on the cajon. In this lesson I will teach you how to achieve the bass tone then show you a simple exercise so you can practice getting the correct bass tone. Play single hits, one on each hand from right to left. Really try to listen and find a nice warm bass tone.

Remember, you only need to stay within the top 8 inches of the cajon.

The pattern goes: R L R L R L R L and so on.

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