Welcome to the PlayCajon podcast: Conversations with drummers & percussionists. The podcast is where you can hear the stories of some of the world’s top drummers and percussionists. It’s been a great journey starting the podcast and we have been very fortunate to have some amazing musicians on the show so far including Munyungo Jackson (Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis), Peter Erskine (Weather Report, Steely Dan), Daniel de los Reyes (Zac Brown Band), Taku Hirano (Whitney Huston, John Mayer, Dr Dre), and cajon legend Heidi Joubert.

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EP 25: Ryan Lacey

Ryan Lacey is the percussionist for Celtic super group Gaelic Storm. As a hard working drummer & percussionist Ryan has..

EP 24: Elise Trouw

Elise Trouw is a talented young drummer and multi-instrumentalist from San Diego, CA. Her drumming journey began age 10 after..

EP 23: Kevin Ricard

Kevin Ricard is a top percussionist on the LA scene where he has spent decades recording and performing with some..

EP 22: Marcelo Woloski

Snarky Puppy percussionist Marcelo Woloski, now with a couple of Grammys under his belt is touring the world with his..

EP 21: Kenny Aronoff

Kenny Aronoff was titled in an Esquire Magazine article as “The most famous drummer you’ve never heard of.” After seeing the..

Season 2 Announcement

I am delighted to announce that season 2 of the PlayCajon Podcast will be starting up this week with EP21..

EP 20: Steve Forman

From the late 60s to the early 2000s Steve Forman was known as one of the most well respected and in-demand percussionists on..

EP 19: Nasrine Rahmani

Australian born percussionist Nasrine Rahmani has been following her path as a percussionist ever since she laid eyes on a..