EP 9: Kassandra Kocoshis

Kassandra Kocoshis is a world percussionist based in Los Angeles, CA. She started playing percussion in band class at the age of 11 and after many years spent as an orchestral player, Kassandra attended the PASIC (the Percussive Arts Society International Convention) 2004 where she happened to see a flamenco cajon clinic. After that moment her life changed and her journey into world percussion began.

After discovering flamenco music, She studied with flamenco percussionist Francisco Orozco Fernandez “El Yiyi” and put in countless hours of studying and playing to master the art form. Kassandra has performed with many Spanish flamenco artists including Carmela Greco, Jose Cortes “Pansequito Hijo”, Alfonso Cid, Paco Fonta, Antonio Gabarri Jiménez, Cristian Lozano, and Paloma Gomez. She has also performed with many Chicago-based flamenco musicians including Diego Alonso, Chiara Mangiameli, Carlo Basile, Patricia Alonso, Alfonso Ponticelli, David Chiriboga, Jim Collinsworth, Michelle Nascimento, Las Guitarras de España, Ensemble Español, and others. In 2006 she was featured as one of six flamenco women in the Chicago Tribune’s article “Flamenco: A Way of life.”

Kassandra has played with a wide range of artists from Kanye West to Arminian flamenco guitarist Vahagni. She has a wealth of knowledge of many types of percussion and earned a masters in world percussion from the California Institute of the Arts.

Kassandra is a Latin Percussion and Amplified Timber artist.





Here is the link to the Pomegranates video by Vahagni