EP 2: Mark Powers

Playing with musicians from the Rolling Stones, members of Bob Marley and the Wailers, drummer and percussionist Mark Powers has experience as a performer and studio player. Along with that Mark is fast becoming one of the foremost names in percussion education. He has written and co written dozens of books for both adults and kids, he’s done a number of TEDx talks. He has Performed for tribal chiefs in Ghana, west Africa, and is a Tycoon Percussion artist. 

On this episode of the PlayCajon Podcast Make Powers tells of his world travels to further his percussion skills, how being both a percussionist and a drummer can be beneficial in the studio, and of some of his exciting new publications for kids. Listen to here more!

Mark Power’s website: www.powerspercussion.com

Mark on Facebook: www.facebook.com/powersdrums

Mark on Twitter: www.twitter.com/MarkPowers

Mark on Instagram: www.instagram.com/markpowers



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