Daddi Bahmani – Modern Cajon Solo

On YouTube these days there are so many cajon videos that it is sometimes hard to stand out from the crowd and get your video noticed. One man who has stood out from the crowd and raised the bar for cajon video into space is Daddi Bahmani.

Daddi started to get noticed after his “Modern Cajon Solo /// Drum & Bass Style” video gained some serious traction and is currently the top ranking video for “cajon” on YouTube after knocking my own “Cajon Lesson 1 – The Basics” of the no 1 spot. There is no hard feelings from me though, quite the opposite. I think it is fantastic that people like Daddi are making such amazing cajon videos. It only brings more recognition and attention to the instrument, and with the production that Daddi puts into it, raises the standard of cajon videos as a whole.

On January 2nd 2015 Daddi released his latest video “Modern Cajon Solo /// House & Electro Style /// DADDI BAHMANI“. There was quite a bit of hype before hand with a trailer and some production photos that Daddi released. The cajon community waited patiently with quiet anticipation then boom! Our heads were blown clean off.

The video starts with Daddi casually walking into the shoot with his La Rosa Percussion cajon in hand which builds some nice anticipation of what is to come. Within the first few frames it is immediately evident that a lot of effort has gone into the production of this video. There are multiple camera angles with dolly tracks and camera crane swoops. The video is very well lit and the audio sounds totally pro with the cajon miked back and front and a condenser mic on each cymbal.

As it says in the name, it is a house & electro style solo and has a backing track that is in the back of the mix. I really like the backing track and it gives Daddi something to play off with his solo.

Daddi has a great modern take on the cajon and a fantastic technique to go with it. Cajon YouTuber Ross McCallum said in a comment “I really like how precise your dynamics are”, and precise they are.

This video is a fantastic contribution to the cajon world and I can’t wait for more from Daddi Bahmani.

Here it is folks:

Daddi Bahmani on YouTube

Daddi Bahmani on Facebook

Top photo by: salarbaygan.com