Cajon Brush

Earlier this year, I decided that after many years trying to find the perfect pair of cajon brushes, I wanted to try making some for myself. This turned into a mission to design and build the best pair of brushes I could.

I knew I wanted to make something special. Something handmade and of high quality. I experimented with plastic handles and tried all kinds of materials for the bristles. After this experimentation, I decided that the handles should be made of wood and have a natural look and feel. The cajon is after all a natural wood instrument so it is nice to have that same feel to match it with your brushes.


I experimented with bristle materials and finally settled on medium sized plastic bristles at a high density. This gives the player a solid bass tone and a fantastic brushed snare cajon sound too. The other reason is that I wanted to give the player durability with the brushes. Something that really lasts.

The brushes also feature a sliding tone ring so the player can adjust the density and tone of the bristles.

Each pair is handmade and tested before leaving the workshop. These are not just another pair of factory made brushes that will ware out in a few weeks. These cajon brushes are for the player who wants something more.

I am very happy and proud to give cajon players a pair of brushes that are truly designed and built for the cajon with passion.


The brushes come in two sizes:

Regular: 1″ diameter

Heavy: 1 & 1/4″ diameter

And two colors: Light & Dark

Each pair come in a drawstring cloth bag.

Pricing starts at $40 USD

For more info or to buy go to: cajonbrush.com