Music as a Language – Victor Wooten

In this brilliant Ted-Ed video lesson world famous bass player Victor Wooten plays his famous cover of Amazing Grace on bass while narrating over the top. He talks about how music is a language and that we must learn music the same way we learned how to talk as a child. Wooten makes the point that in the beginning of learning any instrument we must embrace mistakes instead of correcting them and that beginners must be able to jam with professionals. Whether you have professionals to jam with or if you are playing along with a song or a video, this is a huge part of learning an instrument.

When I grew up, I would spend hours in my bedroom playing along with CD’s and the radio. Even though I was not playing the drum part 100% correct, I was still learning how to play by jamming with the musicians on the CD. Now learners have a huge and mind-blowing resource to learn instruments, YouTube.

When you get caught up with too many rules at first it can slow you down and make you very frustrated as a learner. Music is such an amazing journey and everyone’s journey is totally different.