Electronic Cajon Released by Flink Labs

I have thought a number of times what it would be like to turn a cajon into an electronic drum set with individual trigger pads on the front. Well, a company in Germany just did it. Flink Labs have created an all-in-one electronic percussion instrument that is in the shape of a cajon. Named simply the Flink, the unit has seven isolated trigger pads on the front surface with a built in module. The top range model also features a small mixing desk, amplifier, and speaker system built in.

One of the main challenges on such a project would have been to achieve good  isolation of the triggers so that you do not have cross triggering. It seems that these guys have figured it out though and have clearly put much development into the Flink.

Expected retail price on the top end Flink is $990.00 USD

I look forward to trying one out soon.


More info at: www.flink-labs.com