PlayCajon Video Competition

PlayCajon Video Competition (Everyones a winner!)

Would you like to win a FREE 6 month subscription to PlayCajon? If so, all you have to do is make a short cajon video then post the video to the PlayCajon Facebook page or email it to us. We will then share it and you will receive a FREE 6 month subscription to PlayCajon.

How to do it:

1. Record a short creative cajon video (Must be 1:30 minuets or less)

2. Somewhere in the video you must say: “Learn cajon with playcajon.org” This can be you saying it, holding up a card that says it, or written in the sand on a beach. What ever you think would be cool.

4. Upload the video to YouTube. In the video title you must include PlayCajon (eg: “My solo for PlayCajon”)

4. When tagging the video include: #playcajon & #cajon

5. Post the YouTube link to our Facebook page or email it to us

Facebook: facebook.com/playcajon

Email: info@pauljenningsmusic.com

All videos entries will receive a FREE 6 month subscription to PlayCajon with access to over 150 video lessons.

The competition runs until June 1st 2014 and is open to all ages worldwide.

This competition is great because everyone is a winner!

We can’t wait to see your videos.



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